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Erin Smilkstein, M.A.Ed, Owner The Homework Lounge

Lemon Tree Learning is one of the most compassionate, effective private educators I have ever worked with. They are both professional and brilliant, but also have the unique ability to connect with their students, that creates a space where even the most reluctant learners can excel. Their students get results, both academically and personally, as they not only helps students improve grades and scores, but also their confidence. Lemon Tree Learning works with all kinds of students, and they succeed in every case. I have recommended them over and over again, and families have thanked me again and again for sending them their way.


Dr. Nell P Manning, PhD, Neuropsychologist

I have worked with Molly with a number of different families and have found her diligent, effective, talented, and psychologically minded. In addition, the teachers with whom she has collaborated have consistently identified her as an excellent and valuable member of the team. From my perspective as a clinician what sets her apart is her dedication. She regularly spends I would say the amount of time, if not sometimes up to twice the amount of time, preparing to meet with students as she does meeting with them. She regularly provides updates about sessions, how things are going, and actively reached out to me when she thought that there was something clinically important that was manifesting itself in approaches to academic work and homework.


I have found her help and support for the families that we share to be invaluable and recommend her most highly.

Tamar E., Parent

It was an amazing experience working with Molly and the teachers in Lemon Tree Learning (LTL). My son took tutoring lessons for SHSAT. Molly paid close attention to the progress he made through practice tests, and made suggestion and modifications based on what she observed. The teachers were extremely engaging and dedicated, and pleasant to work with. They paid close attention to my son’s learning style and communication style. In the course of a year of studying my son improved his results by tens of points.

We were exhilarated when we received the good news that he got accepted to Bronx Science. Dedication, persistence, and patience paid off! I cannot recommend more Molly and the team!

Vivian K., Parent

My son’s SSAT test scores went up 14 points! Matthew also gained confidence in his writing from working with the staff at Lemon Tree Learning. We appreciate the personal attention, their ability to motivate and above all, the results. Thank you Lemon Tree Learning!!


Nina K., Parent

Lemon Tree Learning (LTL) made a tremendous impact on my daughter's growth and development during a challenging fourth grade year. When Molly came to us our daughter was struggling to keep up in school and having trouble understanding certain concepts. Through LTL's creative and engaging approach, my daughter quickly got back on track and finished the year off with high grades, increased confidence, and a greater awareness of how to use strategies to help in areas that remain challenging to her. We were extremely happy with the care and attention Lemon Tree Learning brought to their work with our daughter, and how they always followed up with classroom teachers to ensure that my daughter was on track and meeting educational goals. We would highly recommend Molly and her team for any tutoring needs!

Natalie B., Student, Spence School

I cannot say enough good things about Lemon Tree Learning! They make learning fun and I look forward to my session with Molly every week!

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