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  • What if I feel fully capable of helping my child with homework but it always ends in a fight and tears?
    This is more common than not! As guardians, you play countless roles in your child's life. Bringing in an outside party almost always alleviates pressure and tension from parental relationships. It also gives your child a different resource to learn from where there's no history or pressure to perform. (Also children are less likely to fight with tutors!)
  • What if my child thinks their teacher is "boring"?"
    We all thrive in different environments. We hire bright, positive tutors who excel in communication and bringing material to life. It is common for a student not to mesh with a teacher. We just don't want to see their foundational knowledge (and grades) suffer because of that.
  • Is my child a good candidate for tutoring?
    Yes! And not just because we are a tutoring company! I wish I had a private tutor when I was a child. Whether it's writing, accountability, confidence building, or test prep, one-on-one support to make sure your child does not fall behind is always a worthwhile pursuit. We don't always come in when something is broken, we also support student's who simply want academic accountability.
  • My child has ADHD. Do you work with learning differences?
    Yes. We frequently work closely with neuropsychologists to implement powerful study techniques. One of our founders got their start working for an educational therapist in Los Angeles, and so it's only natural that our company would specialize in providing extra support for student's with learning differences.
  • My child has an F, is it possible to bring their grade up?"
    Absolutely. We can't tell you how many parents call us because their child is failing math, or science, or has been scraping by and now has regents approaching. Not only do we help make up missing assignments and fill in gaps in learning, but we also facilitate communication between the students and their teachers, so that everybody is working in the student's best interest.
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