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Exceptional private tutoring.

We offer bespoke, one-on-one tutoring sessions for test prep, homework assistance, college admissions, and more.


Our philosophy:

Everyone is capable of learning. Period. We developed Lemon Tree Learning after 15 years of working in private education, and seeing firsthand that it's never a question of IF a student can understand the material, but HOW can we find a way to explain it?


There's simply not the space in a classroom for individual support. Once a student falls behind, it impacts their confidence and their ability to get back up. More and more new material piles on. It's stressful.

That's where we come in. We help open communication between students and teachers, boost confidence, and work through the school curriculum while catering to different learning styles. We do not all learn the same, so why should all students be expected to thrive in the same environment?

We've brought students’ grades up from failing to passing with flying colors, helped students raise their ISEE stanine scores from 4s to 7s and 8s to 9s, aided countless SHSAT students to place in the top Specialized High Schools, and increased teenagers’ SAT scores from the 1100 range to the 1400 range. 


I can say with confidence that it's never about if a student can succeed, it's about how we can help them thrive. 

~Molly Levine, Founder and CEO

Molly Levine and Joseph Nowicki: Our Story

Molly and Joe met over a shared love of nature, positivity, psychology, and education. Molly came from an English and writing background, and Joe from a math and science. Together they bonded over their love of how psychology plays a role in education. Soon they realized they were getting more interest than they could supply in their personal tutoring business, and decided to hire a select group of boutique tutors who share their philosophy and love of learning to serve more families in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.

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